• Nature and naturalness are becoming more and more precious!
  • It is our task now to shape our environment so that our children can live in it!

About us ...

euratec GmbH is a company that combines products and experience from various areas of agriculture, animal husbandry and plant cultivation. For over 30 years we have traditionally been dealing with natural, highly effective products and try to keep the proportion of chemicals as low as possible. The company focuses on intensive research and the development of product lines for various areas.

Products ...

We present:


- A comprehensive family of products under the registered name euramax for biological

Plant protection and plant care.


- A classic product series for the use of refined peat products.


- Another area for research and applications in livestock and agriculture under AGRO SIENCE.


All products have been designed with the aim of minimising the impact on people and the environment.


The application and mode of action of these products are revolutionary in many areas.



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